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Субботней Школе – 160 лет! (1853 – 2013 гг.)[:en]160 Years of Sabbath School! (1853 – 2013)

В 2013 году Субботней школе Церкви АСД исполняется 160 лет!

Предлагаем всем общинам и группам ЕАД провести это богослужение – 9 ноября 2013 г.

Программу, материалы, советы, идеи для проведения торжественного богослужения вы найдёте на сайте Евро-Азиатского дивизиона в разделе — ПАСТОР, в подразделе – Материалы отделов ЕАД, в разделе Отдел субботней школы и личного служения, а также по ссылке — http://pastor.esd-sda.org/sspm  Ссылка общедоступна для пасторов, руководителей СШ общин для свободного получения материалов без логина и пароля.

С молитвой о вас и успешной деятельности Субботней школы,

Владимир Котов,

руководитель отдела Субботней школы и Личного служения Евро-Азиатского дивизиона[:en]Memory of each one of us cherishes dates associated with special events in the lives of our dear people and loved ones: parents, spouses, children, grandchildren, friends and people close to us. We remember their birthdays, achievements, anniversaries, weddings and many other significant events.

As members of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church we are one big spiritual family, living all over the world, numbering 18 million people from different countries and peoples. And just as every family has its own special memorable days, we as a spiritual family have these dates as well.

Year 1853 – why is it remembered in the SDA church? In 1853, James White organized the first constantly working Sabbath School in Rochester, New York.


Sabbath School SDA Church celebrates 160 years in 2013!

In connection with this particular memorable date in the history of our Church, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department of the General Conference and SSPM department of Euro- Asia Division prepared materials for the solemn worship and anniversary. We offer to all congregations and groups in ESD to hold such worship on November 9, 2013. You can find a program, materials, advice and ideas for having a solemn worship on the official web-site of Euro-Asia Division in a PASTOR section, subsection – Materials of ESD departments, in Sabbath School and Personal Ministries section and also if you follow this link: http://yadi.sk/d/uQRSMhcoAiE3m


Dear pastors, Sabbath School leaders and teachers at ESD congregations and groups!

Please, organize a solemn worship dedicated to Sabbath School anniversary with a prayer and complete dedication, using creative ways and resources both the suggested ones and the ones that you have in your church.

Make this worship a special blessing for those who attend Sabbath School, invite those who attend it seldom, invite your family members, friends and awaken their interest to studying the Holy Scriptures!

Let through the beauty of this worship and attitude revealed by the members of your congregation many new people have a desire to visit the church on the following Sabbaths and continue their acquaintance with the truths of salvation.

Praying for you and a successful work of Sabbath School,


Vladimir Kotov,

Euro-Asia Division Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department director