Initiative of the worldwide Church

Historically, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has founded its existence in the Bible. Adventists are a Bible-based, Bible-believing, Bible-reading people.

Nothing can replace listening to God speak to us through His Word. Prayerfully meditating on scripture is a primary source of spiritual strength.

A new Seventh-day Adventist world church initiative titled “Revived by His Word,” coordinated by the “Through Bible together project” is aimed to invite every church member to join in reading one chapter of the Bible a day, beginning April 17, 2012, and concluding during the General Conference Session in the summer of 2015. By reading one chapter each day and two chapters during the General Conference Session, millions of participating members will complete their journey through this blessed Book, which can change people’s hearts and lives.

The initiative “Through the Bible together” can unite all our Church around the Word of God and direct the attention of the entire membership to the importance of knowing Jesus through His living Word.

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