He Lived For the Gospel


Ernst Blile, a retired Adventist pastor, fell asleep in the Lord in Astana, Kazakhstan, on April 25, 2014. Pastor Blile was 85. He dedicated all his life to serving God and people. He worked as a pastor in Germany for 46 years, and for the past twenty years Pastor Blile was preaching and serving his community in Kazakhstan.

Ernst Blile dedicated his life to the ministry. He acquired people for the Kingdom of God and helped everyone, especially those in need. According to Blile’s children he once adopted and elderly handicapped lady? Brought her home and provided for her for several years. Another time he accepted a man who had just finished his prison time. There was also a young orphan that the Bliles took on vacation with them. They also sponsored his education at an Adventist School.

Pastor Blile’s family is convinced that his most important ministry started when he retired. He lived for the Gospel. Ernst dedicated himself to the ministry with a double effort. He was commissioned by the Euro-Africa Division to hold a series of lectures first in Russia and later in Kazakhstan. He found his greatest love there – Kazakhstan and its people. Even during his home visits he was thinking how he could help people back in Kazakhstan. He conducted twenty two evangelistic programs during his ministry there.

In addition to preaching Pastor Blile was involved in providing humanitarian aid. ADRA Germany always helped him with the necessary paperwork, but he was the initiator and the driving force behind the assistance provided to residents of Kazakhstan. When Blile visited Adventist churches back home in Germany he encouraged church members to participate in the project. They collected money and clothes. The clothes were sanitized and carefully packed. Medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds etc.) was donated by Adventists working in healthcare. During the first thirteen years humanitarian assistance was sent to Kazakhstan once a year, and then twice a year for seven years.

Pastor Blile personally accompanied humanitarian convoys to Kazakhstan. It was not so safe in the nineties due to racket.

Ernst’ wife Hannelore always supported and helped her husband in his ministry. She sorted and packed clothes, but most importantly she always prayed for him and patiently waited for him at home while he was gone for months at a time.

Ten years ago Pastor Blile was diagnosed with cancer. In spite of that he continued visiting Kazakhstan. He underwent chemotherapy back home and asked the Lord to heal him. The Lord did and extended Pastor Blile’s life.

In January 2014 Ernst Blile celebrated his 85th birthday. His visit to Kazakhstan in spring of this year was welcomed by all Adventists. His sermons truly carried God’s love to people.

On April 25, 2014 Ernst’ heart stopped beating. He wanted to die in Kazakhstan, and by God’s providence it happened. Pastor Blile was buried on April 30, 2014 in Astana city cemetery.

Administrators of North-Kazakhstan Mission and Southern Union Mission extended their condolences to Pasrtor Blile’s family – his wife Hannelore Blile, his children Berngard and Andrea Blile and Werner and Birgit Dullinger and their families.

 Ernst Blile

January 11, 1029 – April 25, 2014

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