Supporting the children from adventist families of Belgorod

Moscow, Russia

June 24, 2014

In the office of the Euro-Asia Division, a regular meeting of the Advisory Council of the Protestant Churches of Russia was held. Before the meeting, pastors Guillermo Biaggi and Vladimir Krupski ESD leaders welcomed the participants. Pastor Oleg Goncharov chaired the meeting. The meeting was also attended by pastors IgorKrasil’nikov, Vasily Nichik and Anatoly Kulko as representatives from the Adventist Church. Representatives of the Russian Evangelical churches discussed several issues related to interfaith cooperation and social service. They talked about plans for joint activities as a preparation for 500 anniversaries of the Reformation. Oleg Goncharov appealed to the leaders of evangelical conferences to support children from Adventist families of Belgorod, where local officials did not allow passing exams due to the refusal to take the test on the Sabbath day. This proposal was unanimously supported by the meeting participants. The application was allocated to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, Administration of Belgorod, ant to Russian Public Chamber. Participants expressed the hope that their voices will be heard and children from Belgorod will be given an opportunity to pass exams and get a certificate. They also promised to pray for a solution to this problem in their churches.

Oleg Goncharov,

Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty of Euro-Asia Division

  • Юрий

    Действительно, проблемы со сдачей экзаменов появляются у Адвентистских школьников и студентов. Обычно у нас в Беларуси они разрешаются положительно. Очень важно, чтобы руководители наших церквей в этих вопросах имели постоянный диалог с местными властями, отделами образования. Самим родителям, школьникам, студентам очень сложно отстаивать свои права на исповедание своей веры в святость субботнего дня. Да благословит Господь всех нас, и ОСОБЕННО руководителей наших церквей в разрешении таких проблем! Хотелось бы узнать о реакции властей на заявление.