If you want to serve people, God will provide the opportunity!

Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, January 27-February 3

The church in Komsomolsk-on-Amur held its first ever “Health Camp” for people with musculoskeletal system diseases, which started on January 27 and lasted for eight days. The lower church hall was equipped with massage, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy treatments. The participants of the camp were church members and their friends.

In addition to joint problems, the majority of the participants suffered from high blood pressure, which was closely monitored every day before starting any procedures, and then again following physical therapy and massage. The measurements were repeated and recorded to track the impact of ongoing procedures for each participant.

The daily schedule included a time for fellowship and an hour of rest during hydrotherapy, in which participants were wrapped in warm blankets after applying special herbal remedies to their aching joints. At the end of each day the healthcare volunteers analyzed the records and made note of the progress of each participant.

By the third day, people felt a noticeable improvement in their general health and experienced a drop in blood pressure throughout the entire day. Participants remarked that their muscles began to relax, the stiffness in their joints was easing, and the quality of their mood improved. By the end of the 8-day program, some participants had significantly improved joint mobility, and the daily therapy and interaction made them feel very cheerful.

All those who participated felt a mutual state of rest and peace by the end of the camp. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the procedures and the atmosphere of warmth, attention, communication and openness. It was a joy to observe the immense positive effect of such a simple program. It was also wonderful to hear words of gratitude to God and to His church for showing such a concern for human health. There were many requests to continue holding such camps in the future.

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