The importance of family and Sabbath

Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region, Russia, February 6, 2016

February 6 was a special day for the church in Zavodoukovsk, in the Tyumen region. The theme of the worship service was centered on family, family worship and the importance of meeting the Sabbath together as a family. The director of family ministries, Elena Roganova emphasized the importance of family in her sermon, after which the pathfinders and youth worship team performed several beautiful songs in the Hebrew language. Sister Lydia Ivanovna enthusiastically spoke about the meaning of the Sabbath, using the example of three candles, symbolizing creation, redemption and restoration.

The next portion of the service was a visual presentation of family worship, presented by a mother and her three daughters, all of whom are active Pathfinders. Their example of family worship included spiritual reflection, singing and Bible games.

At the end of the service, the congregation sang hymns about the Sabbath and then enjoyed a potluck lunch.

It is worth mentioning that on this Sabbath day, 6 new visitors attended the church service for the first time, visited with the Pastor, and all stayed for lunch.

We are grateful to the Lord for our guests, for our families, and for His church, which has become our spiritual family!

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