Health is important!

Simferopol, Crimea January 31, 2016

Under the leadership of Irina Bila, a consultative meeting for the heads of the Health Ministries department was held in Crimea on January 31.

How to handle a stressful situation without damaging your emotional well-being, how to react to illness, and what measures to take when dealing with certain illnesses were the main points of the discussion led by Irina Bila, director of Health Ministries in the Crimea Mission.

In an interactive way, and with the example of the ministry of the prophet Elijah, Irina familiarized those present with simple and effective ways to cope with stress and fatigue, such as making the time to make healthy food and getting quality rest. She made an interesting and important point about Christians and illness.

“We as Seventh-day Adventists offer secular people this answer to health issues: prevention and prayer for healing. But this is only half of the equation. God has provided humans with medical care, medications and medical procedures and we should not neglect and ignore them.”

Irina shared her views on the problem of emotional exhaustion and proposed several remedies: don’t bottle up your emotions, stop being distracted by your phone while eating, and make sure you are using your private time in a way that helps you relax.

An interesting fact for everyone attending was the difference in the amount of sleep required for a healthy person, and the amount for those with chronic illnesses (they require an additional 2 hours per night).

Also, cards were distributed with either statements or questions about health, meant to test the beliefs and knowledge of the department heads.

At the end of the meetings everyone was in mutual agreement to support the health ministries department and support the organization of health clubs.

May the Creator give us all the wisdom to help those in need of healing!

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