“Love does not seek its own”—an evening for married couples

Barnaul, Russia,

February 14, 2016

A special evening for married couples was held on February 14 in the city of Barnaul as part of the “Family Week.” Nine families gathered together in the house of worship to share a cup of tea as well as the joys and difficulties faced by spouses when trying to raise a family. It is a very good tradition to hold such meetings because every year more and more people join, even non-church members.

The theme of the evening was not decided by chance, as on this day love is celebrated all around the world. Love is often presented as a strong feeling which consumes those that are in love, but it is the Holy Scripture that helps us understand that love does not seek its own.

Each couple was introduced and then they shared how many years they had known each other and how long they have been married. The couples also shared their favorite family traditions. Then a short cartoon “The Power of Love,” was shown, along with the film “In Spite Of.” After that everyone present engaged in a lively discussion about the expression of love in the family and the different languages of love.

At the end of the evening a letter of love for our Heavenly Father was read out, which each couple received. Then each of the remaining pairs shared some words of encouragement and suggestions that displayed the miraculous power of unity.

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