International Women’s Day of Prayer held in the church in Ungheni

Ungheni, Moldova,

February 28, 2016

God appointed women a special role. Woman—a loving wife, wise mother, loyal friend, and attentive daughter. The International Women’s Day of Prayer is a special time for worship in the Seventh-day Adventist church. It is a day when all the church departments participate in a specially prepared service to glorify our Lord.

It was in this kind of unity that the prayer service was held on Sabbath, dedicated to women’s prayers.

This time was devoted to prayer for the women who live in South Africa, the islands of the Indian Ocean, the women and their families who live in dangerous parts of the world, for refugees, and also the women of our church family. We prayed to God for our women to be blessed with the wisdom to guide their families.

Church Members listened carefully to the message shared by sister Julia Musat, titled “Ask Boldly.” Sister Dina Glodany shared experiences from her own life, and sister Maria spoke of problems and needs being resounded in prayer around the world.

Under the leadership and guidance of sister Svetlana Bashmakova, the children looked particularly lovely on Sabbath during their special and interesting program. The happy faces of the children brought joy to all the church members. Many wonderful psalms and poems were heard!

Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to write their own “Letter to God.”

At the end of the service, Pastor Valentin Pirozhok said a special prayer for the church members and lifted up all the prayers and requests written in the letters.

We thank God for this wonderful Sabbath!

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