The evangelistic series “The Amazing World of the Bible” has started in Omsk

Omsk, Russia,

March 11, 2016

On March 11, the Second Omsk SDA Church launched a major evangelistic series, “The Amazing World of the Bible,” led by television evangelist Pastor Peter Kulakov. Huge preparations were carried out for this special event in a very short period of time; the sanctuary underwent some updates and renovations, making it more modern and more comfortable.

Church members invited their relatives, friends, and colleagues to the program, all of whom the Omsk church prayed about fervently. Special training for welcoming and hosting guests was carried out in the church prior to the meetings. Prayer sheets listing the names of people to pray for were distributed; an evening ceremony was held where all the churches in the city prayed from its inhabitants; pastors preached sermons about kindness and guidelines for accepting new people into their house of worship, both during the program and after it.

Thus, the entire community of Omsk prepared for the exciting event, which is being carried out by an entire group of professionals, providing a high quality feeling to the program. “The Amazing World of the Bible” is certainly a landmark event for the Adventist church in Omsk. A gospel program of this scale has not been conducted on the territory of the West Siberian Mission for a long time.

The film crew of the channel “Voice of Hope” is recording all the meetings so that anyone will be able to access it on the Internet. The host Peter Kulakov is an expert in the field of biblical studies and has already presented a number of topics, aimed at proving the reliability of the Bible based on archaeological and historical evidence, to which he adds real life examples that one way or another affect each and every listener.

Every meeting also features wonderful melodic singing, which helps to introduce the listener to the topic of the evening and of course glorifies the Lord.

The program “The Amazing World of the Bible,” is being held in Omsk in the Second Chapel every evening at 6:30pm until March 26th, expect Thursday.

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