A sporting tournament brought joy into an orphanage

Youth from the Khabarovsk Church take an active role in the lives of the students of the Cadet school and children of the orphanage.

Khabarovsk, Russia, March 13, 2016

In March, the youth department in Khabarovsk organized a mini soccer charity tournament. The participants of the tournament were made up of four teams, including the cadet school and public academy. The youth department team ranked third place.

The funds collected were sent to the orphanage to buy orthopedic balls for children with disabilities.

At the orphanage, we were greeted with a warm welcome. The kids were all very emotional upon receiving our gifts. The orphanage administration expressed interest in further cooperation with us, and so another sporting event for the children and volunteers was planned.

A friendly match between the youth department team and the cadet school preceded the soccer tournament. It was made possible thanks to the participation of elder L.G. Fedotov in the lives of the young cadets. Being himself a former military man, he has had a significant impact on the children in the cadet school, spending hours on seminars and classes with biblical themes. Fedotov is also a certified competition judge, so he participated in the tournament as the chief judge of the competition.

Thanks to this event, the church youth met with young cadets who are interested in sports, and now maintain relationships with them through social network page of the project. Some of the cadets have become part of the youth department team, and are looking forward to the next tournament with great anticipation. New teams hoping to participate in future tournaments are also beginning to sign up.

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