21 people were baptized in Dnepropetrovsk

In the Dnepropetrovsk Seventh-day Adventist Church, on March 26 a baptism was held, in which 15 women and 6 men joined in a covenant with God.

Dnepropetrovsk-Ukraine, March 26

 All those participating in the baptism attended the evangelistic meetings held in the First, Second and Fifth churches in Dnepropetrovsk, which were led by a pastor from Moldova, Gregory Pirozhok.

The sanctuary was overflowing with people. There were so many people eager to attend that many of them were not able to find seats!

The baptisms were carried out by pastors Yuri Fedorov, Anton Perepelitsa and Pavel Vistratenko. On this day, 15 women and 6 men from Dnepropetrovsk and the surrounding area joined into a covenant with God and became members of the Adventist church.

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